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How does sports massage differ from a “normal” massage?
If you’ve been to a spa or a beautician before, chances are you’ll have had more of a general relaxation massage. It’s more superficial, with gentle stroking techniques. These massages can be great, but they aren’t designed to address any major tension or other underlying problems. A sports and remedial massage practitioner will identify problem areas and then go about treating them to relieve any pain and discomfort and restore proper function to the muscles and joints.
I don’t do any sport, is this for me?
Absolutely! I firmly believe that anyone can benefit from targeted sports and remedial massage. The sorts of non-sports issues I regularly treat include lower back pain, shoulder and neck ache and sore hips – all of which can be caused by being chained to a desk/PC at work all day, gardening or even just the way you lie in bed.
I’m not injured, will Sports or Remedial massage do me any good?
Yes. Even if you’re experiencing “little niggles” rather than a specific issue or injury, you can still benefit. In particular, a shoulder, back and neck massage is excellent at releasing the tension most of us carry in that area. Often people let aches and pains go on for years thinking that it’s just what happens as you get older. But left untreated, these can get worse, not better and usually lead to pain and imbalances elsewhere in the body. It’s far easier to sort these niggles out if they’re addressed early. Prevention really is better than cure!
Does it hurt?
Unfortunately you might experience a little discomfort when I’m working on the problem area, but I always work with my clients to ensure I stay within your pain threshold. In my experience, muscles hurt when they are massaged for one of 3 reasons: they’re too tight, they’re too loose and have lost their strength and become overworked, or they’re injured. It sounds strange, but if a muscle is uncomfortable when it’s massaged, it’s often a good indication that we’re in the right place and treating a muscle that needs it. Having said that, you should finish the session feeling better than you did before it started. I employ a variety of techniques and as a result, it’s not always necessary to use a lot of pressure when massaging.
How long is a typical session?
A session lasts for 55 minutes and I offer a double session (one hour 55 minutes). The first session will include filling in a client information sheet and medical questionnaire. After the treatment, I’ll be able to recommend a course of action.
How many sessions will I need?
It’s hard to say, since every person and problem is different and it depends on how your body responds to treatment. I can give you an indication of how many treatments you will need after the initial consultation and will give you exercises to do at home between sessions, which will help to speed up the process.
Do I have to take my clothes off?
Your comfort and dignity is paramount; you will always be covered with towels, however there will be times when you will need to remove clothing so I can assess or perform techniques. You may feel more comfortable bringing a pair of loose shorts if we are treating the lower body or lower back..
Do you use oils? Will I be all “sticky” afterwards?
I use a water-based emollient (oil in a cream) rather than pure oil. This lubricates the skin but soaks in like a body lotion so you won’t feel sticky at the end of the session.
Are there any risks?
The session should be a pleasant experience and I’ll work with you at a pressure and pace that’s comfortable for you. You’ll need to make me aware of any illnesses and conditions you might have as this may mean I need to avoid certain techniques. It’s usually possible to work around any limitations though. You’ll need to fill in a medical questionnaire before any treatment is given on your first visit.
I have a medical condition; does this mean I can’t be treated?
It depends what it is. There are a number of conditions that I need to know about before starting treatment, primarily as a precaution. If you have any medical conditions that you feel I need to be aware of before we meet, please let me know.
Will I need to bring any information with me to complete the forms?
The form covers medical conditions, previous operations/injuries etc. I do ask for an emergency contact and it’s handy to bring a list of medications you’re on if there are too many to remember!
How much will it cost?
A 55 minute session is £50, and a double session (one hour 55 minutes) is £95. 

Where are you based?

I work from my home in central Shoreham-by-Sea, West Sussex. See my Contact page for more information.

Do you do home visits?

No, I only see clients at my home in Shoreham. 


If you have any questions that have not been covered here or have any other queries, please feel free to email me. See my Contact page.