What my clients say…

“I first went to see Josie as I had problems with my achilles tendon, shoulder and hip. When I have had achilles problems in the past it has taken anything up to 6 months to sort out. Josie managed it in a month so that I was able to go back running. She also sorted out my shoulder so that I am now able to do all exercises including weight training without pain. The hip problem is probably going to require surgery to sort out but in the meantime she has managed to alleviate some of the symptoms so that I can continue to exercise almost normally. Josie is really good at putting you at ease and takes the time to understand your issues. Although some of the treatment can be painful, she always explains what the problem is, why the treatment is necessary and what she is going to do to resolve it. She has an uncanny ability to find specific problem areas and focus on them to resolve the problem and I always feel better afterwards. I cannot praise her highly enough.”

Derek S, Shoreham-by-Sea

“As a therapist myself I am very particular about who I let work on me. From day one, Josie has targeted every issue I have had and relieved the pain in that area. She is incredibly knowledgeable, friendly, welcoming and accommodating. I’m thrilled I found her, I just can’t wait for lock down to be over to return to my much needed treatments.”

Hannah L, Lancing

“I have always found Josie to be great at diagnosing and treating my various problems as she is such a good listener and have been particularly impressed with her use of the Emmett Technique. It definitely works for me along with massage. I have become much more mobile, no longer have problems with my lower back and can thoroughly recommend her.”

Gina B, Shoreham-by-Sea

“..so knowledgeable and enthusiastic! Josie has helped keep some life long niggles at bay – I highly recommend”

Jac O, Shoreham-by-Sea

“I’m an active open water swimmer & Josie has been brilliant treating any pulls & strains & keeping me fighting fit.”

Andrew D, Partridge Green

“Josie is extremely knowledgeable, friendly and professional. I initially went to her with one issue but ended up being diagnosed and cured of something I had thought was completely unrelated, thanks Josie!”

Michelle E, Steyning

I’ve been using Josie for a few years now for a shoulder problem and I can’t recommend her highly enough. She is very professional and understanding and has helped me tremendously. You are in very safe hands indeed and keep up the amazing work.
Stuart L, Shoreham-by-Sea

I have been going to Josie for treatment for some time now. I have an ache in my shoulder and an arthritic knee. Since I have been having treatment on my shoulder it has not flared up as it was prone to in the past. As for my knee, with a combination of massage and acupuncture my knee has stabilised and is far better than when it first flared up. Josie’s knowledge of the human anatomy seem to me to be encompassing and I shall continue to attend her treatments.

Brian T, Shoreham-by-Sea

I visited Josie a couple of years back having suffered from issues associated around constant driving and retention of stress in the upper body – Josie quickly got to work with massaging the tissue in the upper body and the legs which made the whole driving thing 100 percent better. I now visit Josie every 6 weeks for maintenance to keep the tight shoulders at bay. The treatment can be painful but I know the end result is going to make me feel so much better and ready for the next 6 weeks. Josie is firm in her approach as it is a case of no pain no gain but extremely kind and certainly knows her stuff. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is in need of an excellent sports massage.

Sarah K, Shoreham-by-Sea

I started seeing Josie several years ago for a very painful lower back problem. She carefully assessed the issue and over a number of sessions got me moving freely again. I am now essentially pain-free and see her occasionally for maintenance. She is a very professional and caring person and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her.
John D, Henfield,

I went to Josie with a piriformis injury about 4 weeks before my first marathon. She sorted the problem and got the rest of me into good condition for the marathon. Would highly recommend . Thanks Josie
Paul A, Shoreham-by-Sea

I do endurance sports, Josie has fixed my injuries and kept me in good shape while training.

Dan M, Steyning

Due to playing a lot of squash in my earlier years, I now have back, together with knee issues as well as the usual aches and pains that comes from being a lively 70 something year old who now enjoys Indoor Bowls.
Having been to other people who provide a similar service I found Josie, thanks to a colleague in our bowls club, and have not look back since having been with her now every month for well over three years with no intention of changing as long as she is in business. My once a month session helps to keep my muscles and thus my body in good order.
The expression “No Pain, No Gain” is correct when seeing Josie as at times there is pain as she gets deep into the muscle to get them back into full working order for another month! But it is all worthwhile as 24 hours later I am feeling great!
So if you have any muscular issues then I would thoroughly recommend a trip to Shoreham to see Josie. You wont regret it. I haven’t!
Bob A, Lancing

I have been going to see Josie for about a year now, ever since I started to have back pains.She gradually worked on my back and managed to alleviate the problems that I was having, much to my relief. I continued to see Josie every 4 weeks to keep any further problems at bay and she has also helped with other muscular problems that I have had. She is very knowledgeable about what she does and it is now an appointment that I look forward to each month.
Josie is a lovely lady who always makes you feel at ease as well as doing her job well. I was so impressed by her work that I told my son-in-law to go and see her about his back problem that he has had for a long time, and he agreed that she is very good at her work.
Thanks Josie – reassuring to know that you are there for us!”
Carol B, Steyning

Having spent much of my adult life training and competing in multi-discipline races and as I start my journey to compete in an Ironman next year, I feel my exposure to specialist sports treatments is vast. When my partner purchased a gift voucher of a 1-hour treatment at yet another attempt to resolve my lower back pain I remained my consistently sceptical self. 6 months on I see Josie weekly and have never felt better. Knowledge is a powerful asset – mix that with what must be a natural skill and you have in my considered opinion the best deep tissue therapy I’ve ever experienced. Thank you Josie.

Brent K, Shoreham-by-Sea

Having spent the last 18 months going to Doctors and being sent to Hospitals for X-rays, MRI and CT scans resulting in “keep taking the tablets”, Josie has improved my condition in three sessions. Less pain, sleeping better, and feel she has improved my life.

Gerald N, Brighton

I would highly recommend Josie, she did some remedial work on me which made some real improvements to my neck and shoulders. I had complete confidence in her, she’s very knowledgeable and I felt she really listened and took on board the problems I was having.

Jennifer R, Lancing

I began having treatment with Josie in May 2013 because I was suffering a lot of soreness and discomfort in my neck and shoulders due to long hours spent hunched over a computer keyboard and books, studying for my Open University Degree which I decided to pursue in my retirement. I also have a problem with my forearms, aggravated by playing the guitar for many years, which requires occasional massage to both my back and arms to allow me to continue to play. Without doubt, my monthly session of deep massage with Josie has had a dramatic impact on the soreness in my neck and shoulders and has kept my fingers moving over the computer key board and guitar strings. Josie is able to get deep into the muscles to relieve the knots and tightness so don’t be surprised if there’s a little bit of soreness afterwards which soon goes away to be replaced by a general feeling of well being. Josie is very approachable and explains fully what she’s doing and why. Before commencing treatment she will undertake a full medical check to ensure the appropriate treatment is given. I can whole heartedly recommend Josie to anyone requiring deep tissue, remedial or sports massage for a specific injury/problem or to help ease life’s aches and pains and help maintain mobility and quality of life for the older person like myself.

Ray R, Shoreham-by-Sea

Josie is eager to really help people by finding the root cause of any problem and she has lots of in-depth knowledge. I have been visiting her for a few months now and find her very helpful and kind. Nothing is too much trouble for her.

Diane T, Shoreham-by-Sea

I had been working in the garden before the winter set in and two jobs in particular were especially strenuous: lifting a huge bucket of water and tipping a sack of compost out. Although of ‘pensionable age’ I am still physically strong and although my arms and shoulders are capable of lifting heavy things, my back is obviously not!! Initially I just felt a dull ache somewhere in my back; nothing that a hot bath wouldn’t cure!! During the next couple of days the pain became more intense and I could actually touch the problem area in the lower right of my back. The pain was excruciating and I had to ‘glide’ instead of lifting my foot when walking. In the mornings it took a good seven or eight minutes to slither to the side of the bed, then get the standing up bit over as quickly as possible. I began to panic, as two days later I was going to Greece on holiday and couldn’t imagine I would even be able to get into the car to get to the airport. I rang Josie and asked if there was any way she could see me before my holiday. She kindly jiggled a few other arrangements around and fitted me in the next day. I told her all of the above and then she did her magic! At the end of the session I got off the couch (without shrieking) and Josie gave me some stretching exercises to help prevent the problem coming back and to do if it starting hurting again. During that evening I noticed that things were definitely better and the next day, I managed the whole car, plane and bus journey with no pain. By the following day, I felt confident that the pain had been “sorted.” I was so thrilled! I sent Josie a text; because she is a caring person I wanted her to be able to stop worrying too, well done Josie! The pain has now completely gone.”

Maggie F, Shoreham-by-Sea

Josie has greatly helped to relieve the stiffness and my lack of flexibility I had in my hips and back. Josie’s knowledge, approach and professionalism are excellent.

Yvonne J, Shoreham-by-Sea

“When I started to see Josie in April 2015 I was unable to climb stairs without using my arms to pull me up, I had a great deal of pain in my hip which disturbed my sleeping and on long haul flights I was very uncomfortable with pain in my hip. I put it down to my age and thought that there was nothing I could do but go with the flow and had even considered that I would have to get a stair lift to enable me to continue living in my house.

After my first consultations and treatment with Josie I immediately felt a difference. She explained everything that she found and the treatment she intended to give in great detail and I felt very comfortable with her and confident in her knowledge.

I have been to see her every 4 weeks since then and my condition has improved immensely. I now have very little pain in my hip at night, can climb stairs with out holding on to the handrail and have just done a long haul flight feeling no pain what so ever.

I am so pleased with the treatment I receive from Josie and have already recommended one friend to her. She is confident and friendly and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone. I am so pleased that my daughter found her web site and gave me a voucher for my first treatment. I intend to continue seeing Josie in the future and trust that any other problems that might crop will be dealt with in the same professional way, thank you Josie.”

Mary T, Shoreham-by-Sea

“I’m fixed! What I have been amazed about is that I have lived with a shoulder impingement for five years, seen various physio’s but nothing seemed to work. Josie felt that my shoulders had rounded over time (not helped by sitting at a desk all day) and went to work on my pecs and various rotator cuff muscles and hey presto it’s all but gone! Josie has also helped me with severe muscle tension in my neck and back following a visit to a chiropractor. I highly recommend her and make sure I keep regular appointments to stay in check.”

Jane M, Steyning

“Josie has made my life so much easier now. For several years I have suffered from chronic back pain. I have seen several different physiotherapists but the problem always came back and I was taking daily pain relief. I was recommended to see Josie by a friend and she has made a tremendous difference. Her approach has been to release all the tension and stiffness in the muscles and I can now move more freely than I have been able to for many years. I cannot recommend her highly enough for anyone suffering muscle or joint pain. Just try her!”

Chris R, Shoreham-by-Sea

“Suffering from neck and back pain I had resorted to taking pain killers daily. On a recommendation from a friend I consulted Josie. As I have a complex medical condition I was a little nervous but I needn’t have worried – Josie was very thorough on this and did her own research. After a couple of sessions my pain was reduced significantly needing no pain relief. Now I have no pain in my neck at all and my upper back is so much better. I am confident Josie will eventually rid me of the pain I have experienced for so long. I would highly recommend Josie to anyone thinking of consulting her.
Thank you so much Josie for the relief you have given me.”

Josephine S, Shoreham-by-Sea